Advanced Trance Topics

The topics I will feature in Medellin are the result of my looking at the records of everything I've been working on for the past 25 years.

One topic will be...

"The Moment of Induction"

It's a presentation where you get to hear everything I know about inducing Trance and why that's important.

Another topic...

Breaking The Semantic Trap

People who have chosen Influence as a way of life have a challenge with the cultural conditioning associated with words and language.

You will discover how to utilize this as a resource and to your advantage. Which means you use language as a tool to get your desired outcomes.

Influential Storytelling

The ability to tell an effective story is the delivery package we use to get the meaning inside people's heads.

This is why you see me using stories in my session work, at seminars, and all my products.

Stories are an extremely powerful tool every Hypnotist should be using.

You may already see that this will not be an Intro class, pretty much the opposite. Fact is... If you don't have really powerful technique, you can't really heal.

And there are many more.

Come join us in Medellin next February for Advanced Trance Topics and I'll show you how it's done.

Week One

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Full Seminar

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