Foundation Series Hypnotic Inductions

Trance In The First Place - $25

The process of using Trance to explore your own possibilities in life begins with having the experience in the first place. You have to learn the fundamentals in order to advance. Following this preparatory induction trains you to quickly and easily slip into a powerful state of Trance, one where you are free to imagine, experience and then make your own the beliefs, behaviors and sensations of person you want to be. A dreamy trip through your own possibilities for Tranceformation and Change. 47 minutes.

All The Way Down - $25

Not everyone starts out having an unqualified eagerness to slip into something as amazing and powerful as Trance. For those who prefer their experiences to have a nominal sense of sequence and order to them, I recorded this induction to give a new student a countdown to perfect comfort and relaxation, open to suggestion and satisfaction. Each sensible step releases another layer of restrictions and barriers to change, until you become accustomed to entering Trance and making the fundamental changes in beliefs and behaviors that prepare you for taking your life into your own hands. A classic induction, deepening techniques looping on and on, a perfectly reasonable removal of any and all barriers to trance, and a set of powerful direct suggestions that train you easily and naturally embrace Trance for self-directed Change. If you’ve got a pulse, this one will work for you! 41 minutes. 

Beginning The Work - $25

This CD was prepared as a pre-conditioning tool for the attendees of the First Awakenings seminar. The best preparation for this seminar (given that its focus was on the tasks and techniques you need to practice every day on the Path to self-development) lay in discovering your own source of Energy for transformation, and learning to use the power of your subconscious mind while you sleep to dream new solutions to the questions of your day. A powerful induction sequence, a vivid and sustainable introduction to the Microcosmic Orbit of life energy, and a perfect framework for harnessing the wisdom of the subconscious in service of your conscious goals. Fair warning to you all – we’re getting lots of letters about people feeling free to make HUGE changes in their lives after using this CD! 50 minutes. 

Choosing Perfect Health - $25

I was joking at a recent seminar that perhaps I should put some pre-requisites on my trainings – like you have to have an adequate job, a decent and private place to stay, and you had to be in good personal health. Because the fact is that until you’ve solved the basic equation of day to day existence you’re not going to have the time energy or opportunity to discover just what it means to Become Fully Human.

Of the three, by far the most important criterion is sound personal health. So I prepared this induction to provide a compelling and positive boost your desire for active, radiant health. Your diet will change, your attitude towards working out improves and you find that healthy desires and actions become your natural way of thinking. 46 minutes.

Learning To Love IT - $25

Embark on fantastic journey; inhibitions disappear as you are shown the joy change can bring into your life.

This conditioning CD is meant for those who desire Change yet find something fearful about the process of change itself. Through an elegant series of interlocking suggestions and imagery, Learning To Love It leads the student not only to remove their own obstacles to a specific change, but also to openly embrace the process of continual change and improvement as a way of life. The CD also recalls and reinforces the mechanisms used in the introductory CDs such as Beginning The Work, Trance In The First Place and All The Way Down. 39 minutes.


Foundation Series 5-Pack - $95

Get all five hypnotic inductions for only $95. You save $30 over buying them all separately.

What Our Customers Are Saying

A great way to start the day

In the morning I will listen to All The Way Down, which gives me a wonderful feeling of physical and mental relaxation, a great way to start the day.

- Warren Smith

Beyond cutting edge

Beyond cutting edge, the products offered by Mark Cunningham are the highest quality anywhere in the world!

I am grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to Trucors products. 

- Carl Jespersen

Mark is awesome

These are the greatest hypnotic recordings (Trance In the First Place, Personal Ecology For Men, All The Way Down, Beginning The Work, Choosing Perfect Health, and Learning To Love It) I have ever tried.

Mark is awesome. Lots of changes happening in my life and attitudes.

- Hugh Cole

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