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Advanced Hypnosis 2002
Advanced Hypnosis 2002 focuses on anchoring deep trance phenomenon -- utilizing and accessing it at any time. Imagine being able to manifest any "hypnotic" phenomena on demand -- what would you want? Eldetic memory? Deep Trance Identification, with an "On/Off" switch? Instant State Control? Full-on hallucination? How far are you willing to take it?

This seminar deliberately blurs the line between conventional "awake" states and the power and freedom of the subconscious mind. Over the course of a three-day weekend, Mark lays out a clear set of steps where the student can first experience the full range of hypnotic phenomena for themselves, and then develops a simple yet challenging technique through which anyone can access and utilize any or all of these trance phenomena while walking around wide-awake! Stunningly original and startling in its implications, this class will forever change how you look at the potential of individuals to wake up and Become Fully Human!  12 DVDs.

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