Personal Ecology For Men

Be More Confident, Relaxed And Masculine

Radically upgrade your life with my field-tested Human Enhancement Technology!

Back when I was teaching seminars just for men, I discovered that one of the greatest barriers to a man's personal growth was their current sense of masculinity -- what it meant to be a man, what it felt like, and what needed to change in order to be the man they wanted to be.

If this rings true for you as well, then read on.

This two-audio set is what I've been using to prepare groups of men for radically upgrading their lives. Designed to be used in sequence, they approach the transformation with a weave of indirect, direct and interspersed suggestions that has proven to be highly effective in getting men to loosen up, let go and start getting the change you want.

You get terrific practice at going into Trance as an act of Will, your ability to visualize (and feel!) positive actions and positive outcomes skyrockets, and as to the meat of the manner -- your assessment of your Self as a man changes to include going through life relaxed and confident. Open to new experiences and focused on what makes you feel masculine and strong.