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    The Basic seminar takes you from rank novice to accomplished hypnotist. Starting with the basics in theory and application, we move rapidly through a combination of lecture, demonstration and exercises. You will learn to hypnotize through a series of progressive exercises. This insures that you will have the knowledge, skills and experience to immediately begin exerting hypnotic influence over the subjects of your choice!  10 DVDs.
    This seminar is an essential toolbox for anyone interested in further exploring Advanced Hypnotic Technique! For each exercise there is a discussion (inlcuding when to use which state), demonstration and hands-on experience. Advanced Hypnosis 2000 gives you the power and knowledge to transform yourself from the average Hypnotist into a Master. Powerful techniques and exercises!
    Advanced Hypnosis 2002 focuses on anchoring deep trance phenomenon -- utilizing and accessing it at any time. Imagine being able to manifest any "hypnotic" phenomena on demand -- what would you want? Eldetic memory? Deep Trance Identification, with an "On/Off" switch? Instant State Control? Full-on hallucination? How far are you willing to take it?
    Face it - you've been wandering through your life trying to make the best of things, while working within
    a belief system that was arbitrarily TAUGHT to you - NOT one that necessarily that WORKS for you!
    But help is at hand! These videos, recorded live in Taos, expose the inner mechanisms of belief systems. You'll learn how they're formed, and in what ways they condition your possibilities and your perceptions. You'll learn simple, step-by-step exercises that will allow you to design, build and make permanent the belief system of your dreams!
    I had promised to teach something about Awakening Within the Dream -- the process of growing a life where Awake and Aware is your default state.

    And it got me thinking about what people really need to know in order to help them make those changes turn into attributes - just a part of who we are.

    So it's time to talk about making Change so compellingly real that it's impossible to resist - Change becomes irresistible!
    What do you get when you cross a Master Hypnotist with a senior Corporate executive? You get the most powerful guide yet to putting altered states to use in the workplace! Videotaped on Halloween in Maui, this seminar gets you out of "bad" self-limiting emotional states, and installs the attitudes, beliefs and behaviors of one of America's top consultants and trainers. You must get this tape set if you want to live large in the marketplace!
    October, 1997. Maui. Hypnosis. And a bevy of world-class trainers using their combined might to get it right! Speed Life Mastery was in Hawaii that year, with specialists in using altered states for life mastery flocking in from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia! Not just for Ross's Speed Seduction students, this seminar will jump start anyone's attitudes and beliefs when it comes to making yourself a success! It's Halloween when Mark Cunningham takes over, and the topic is creating useful trance states inside everyone's drive to be rich! Go inside Mark's predator's view of the marketplace and feel what it's like when the world is your kill zone. Follow along with the in-class inductions that begin to lay a new foundation for success. Learn how to spot "bad" hypnosis and free yourself from its influence. Install the basic attitudes and constructs required to become a Master of state change! Learn twenty common business mistakes that result from bad hypnosis and how to insure they never happen to you again. Help yourself to all the examples of how to use hypnotic conditioning in the workplace! And take a free ride on the closure and integration inductions as Mark finishes off the week and sends 'em on home!  3DVDs.
    Yes, this is the seminar that caused all the fuss. When I set out to create
    a new "Intro" curriculum, I wanted to insure that the attendees would walk
    out as competent and confident hypnotists - I wanted to draw a sharp
    contrast between what generally passes as a certification event and the type
    of hypnosis that will actually WORK in the Real World.  Although we swore we would NEVER release these tapes as a product, in order to celebrate our new store in style we're releasing a very limited supply of these DVDs -- when they're gone, this product goes off the site once again!  Order yours TODAY!
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