Renegade Bootcamp

The Bootcamp Seminar takes you from rank novice to accomplished hypnotist.

When I set out to create a new type of "Intro" class, I wanted to insure that the attendees would walk out as competent and confident hypnotists.

So you will start with the basics in theory and application and move rapidly through a combination of lecture, demonstration and partner exercises.

The process of using Trance to explore your own possibilities in life begins with having the experience in the first place, so you will learn to hypnotize through a series of progressive 'hands-on' exercises.

This insures that you will have the knowledge, skills and experience to quickly and easily slip into a powerful state of Trance, one where you are free to imagine, experience and change your own beliefs, behaviors, and sensations. To become the person that you want to be and also to guide others through the possibilities for Tranceformation and change.

Silver Level

Or 3 Monthly payments of $399


Gold Level

Or 3 Monthly payments of $533



Or 3 Monthly payments of $666